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Clean Water Services

About 75% of all diseases in Uganda are a direct result of lack of clean water and proper sanitation. The most common water-borne diseases are diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, Bilharzia and cholera.

While statistics and pictures can crystalize the dilemma and lack of clean water in Uganda, the real experience is un manageable for most of us. Can you imagine life without access to clean water watching your children succumb to Dysentry and other water borne diseases?

Water is essential for life, for health, for agriculture and therefore for empowerment and prosperity. In Uganda, lack of access to clean water subjects “especially” children to preventable deaths and or severe illness of different types. One of the major childhood killers in Uganda is Dysentry and study shows it claims at least 33 lives a day.

This early childhood diarrhea is not only deadly but also causes stunted growth hence affecting cognitive development and performance in education. On a daily basis in both rural and poor urban areas in Uganda, thousand of people suffer from lack of access to clean and safe water. Children in school going age, their mothers and fathers bear a burden of walking several miles most of the times to access water from Ponds, Polluted Rivers and Lakes that are filled with disease causing organisms that make them and their entire families sick.

The diseases resulting from lack of clean water and time wasted in search for dirty water steals from the community their futures and it costs us money as a medical centre to treat them during our Free Medical Camps. At times, its too late that we are un able to save lives!

To address this challenge, Calvary Medical Center started Clean Water Projects in vulnerable regions of Uganda to provide safe and cleanwater and therefore reduce morbidity.

We decided to help and we know you can Join Us.