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Has been working since 2016

Our Background.

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve access to health care in rural areas of Uganda, Calvary Medical Centre was established. This was an attempt to address the detrimental health challenge that the people of Kavule face due to lack of quality Medical services.

The lack of a Hospital in Kavule causes people to travel for at least 2 hours in search for medical/surgical help. As a result, the millions of People that the hospital serves even from other soundings areas are not receiving proper treatment ; if any hence causing preventable deaths.

Calvary Medical Center (CMC) 24-hour facility opened up in October 2016 with the best amenities in Kavule offering a wide range of services including dental services, Maternity services, sonography, immunization, laboratory, and Minor surgeries

CMC provides affordable Medical care and or Free Medical care to the vulnerable groups with high regards in quality of service and compassion


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