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About Us

Clavary medical Centre is a nonprofit medical Centre located in Kavule, off semuto road about 35km away from Kampala offering free and affordable medical services to the vulnerable groups in the areas of Kavule, throughout East Africa esp. in villages, refugee camps, slums and similar areas. We organize medical camps providing free medical services such as dental checks and treatments, minor surgeries, antenatal checks, HIV testing, circumcision etc.

Our Medical Safaris are part of the centers’ ongoing efforts to improve access to health care in the rural areas of Uganda.  This is an attempt to address the detrimental health challenge that the people of Kavule face due to inaccessibility of quality Medical services.
Communities like Kavule and rural-urban slams remain wanting in terms of access to Hospitals and medical services and as the locals are forced to travel for at least 2 hours in search for medical/surgical help, causing arise in the number of preventable deaths in similar areas.

Calvary Medical Center (CMC) was founded in October 2016 and has been established as a 24-hour medical facility with the best amenities in Kavule offering a wide range of services including dental care, Maternity services, sonography, immunization, lab and Minor surgeries.

In the rural-urban areas like Kavure and the equivalent the situation is even more challenging. In many places the health Centers are unstaffed by medical practitioners, due to the poverty and geographical inaccessibility of these areas. In some remote places there isn’t even a health Centre and in these areas the villagers have to travel for days to be able to get a consultation. In these areas many people die from diseases and incidents that could have been treated if medical care was available.

We pride ourselves serving and showing compassion towards the less fortunate by providing affordable and/or Free Medical care to the vulnerable groups with high regards to giving them access to medical attention through our Safari community medical camp initiatives.
Regular patients may pay a small fee to facilitate the facility’s sustainability and vulnerable groups get free Medical care through Free Medical Camps that are often times donor funded.