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Medical Camps/Outreach Clinics

For almost 2 years Calvary Medical Clinic and Clavary Safaris has been organizing medical safaris. We organize these together with medical partners, and with the authorization and support of the government and major Ugandan medical Centers. The safaris are outreaches to some of the remote villages, refugee camps and areas where there is no medical care available. Our medical partners take care of the medical work and care giving, Calvary Medical Centre together with her sister agency Calvary Safaris helps to overcome the geographical boundaries by delivering the medical team to the remote village, were they setup mobile clinic camps offering services ranging from dental to health education to the locals and there after collecting them after all planned outreach activities are complete

During a normal medical safari/camp the team spend between 2 and 5 days in an area. In this time the medical team will see hundreds of patients, perform several smaller surgeries and often a few major surgeries. More than once lifesaving surgeries have taken place during these safaris and medical camps
This work would not have been possible without the help of those that fund these outreaches, our medical partners and many other volunteers.

A big thank you to all involved.

Calvary Medical Centre is has since evolved into a Center of Excellence for small communities and continues to contribute significantly towards improving their access to medical care. We continue to work with and support health facilities in targeted districts to improve availability of essential medicines, trained personnel and education.