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Our Water Project

We build new wells, rehab neglected Water points, protect springs and install sand dams where appropriate. We empower our communities themselves to determine what makes sense for them with the help of experts.We've learned over the past 2 years that each community we serve is different in terms of geology, climate and culture, many factors determine the most sustainable means to provide access to clean and safe water.Your gifts enable robust community mobilization, careful project construction and rigorous long-term follow up and evaluation.


Our Commitment is to implementing the most appropriate, efficient and sustainable solutions available. Sometimes it involves catching rain, protecting a spring or repairing a neglected pump might be less expensive and just as valuable as digging a new well.
We ensure our teams are holistic in approach and accountable over time. Every gift is applied to a specific project that you'll see. If you're interested in sponsoring an entire project, we'd love to chat.


When you give, you'll get stories, GPS coordinates, photos and other information about who and how you’ve helped. You’ll know exactly how your giving makes a difference.

Communities are waiting for water. Our teams are ready to respond. 

You make it possible.